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Logan Perkins & Colleen Doran

loganperkins@gmail.com - 303 330-9739;  colleendoran63@gmail.com 512 354-5081;

Positions Desired

Professional and personable couple seeking caretaker, property management, house sitting, or other positions (see list on right).  Flexible to relocate nearly anywhere and assume various roles, from simply watching over property to complete estate or business management.  Short or long-term assignments will be considered.  Non-smoking, trustworthy, reliable and responsible,  we'll provide peace of mind regarding your property.  Flexible on dates depending on location (we're currently in Colorado).  We have no pets or at home children and our belongings are minimal and in storage.  

Combined Skills

    Experience in soliciting contractual bids and overseeing projects to satisfactory completion for the Buffalo Lodge, including well drilling, solar and propane generator synchronization, interior reconstruction, wood stove selection, electrical conversion from 12V to 220V;  

    Oversee estate finances, bills and mail management;

     HOA president and property management at Vallejo Apts, in Denver, CO;

    Love dogs and cats (some experience with other animals);

    Experience with child education, management and entertainment in school and home settings;

    Landscape management and gardening experience in various terrains;

    Cleaning, laundry;

    Vehicle & equipment maintenance;

    Limited carpentry, plumbing, construction, roof repair;

    Tourleader experience in the U.S. and Europe;

    Complete travel agent abilities;

    Retail management, staffing, marketing;

    B2B Sales - multi-state regional coordinator;

    Research & analysis, editing, writing;

    Healthy and creative cooking;

    Party and conference planning.

-          COMPENSATION varies per situation, sometimes free!

Logan & Colleen

Photos & Details of Housesitting near Boulder, Co - Dec. 2008


This assignment involved old horses and dogs.


We took care of Polly for six wonderful weeks in mid 2008.


loganperkins@gmail.com- 303 330-9739;

colleendoran63@gmail.com - 512 354-5081

Resume & References:

Logan Perkins Caretaker

Logan Perkins Business

Colleen Doran Caretaker

Colleen Doran Business



What are your needs?


- Watch over property, security;

- Mail, calls and bills management;

- Watering, weeding, pruning;

- Landscaping, gardening;

- Care for dogs & cats;

- Fish, bird or horse care;

- Vehicle maintenance;

- Machinery maintenance;

- Carpentry, construction;

- Basic plumbing;

- Project bid solicitation;

- Property management;

- Organizational assistance;

- Estate sales; Ebay sales;

- Sales position, marketing;

- Business/retail management;

- Website development;

- Pilates instructor;

- Hair stylist;

- Child education;

- Child entertainment;

- Teen mentor, tutor;

- Senior care;

- Travel planning;

- Travel agent skills;

- Tour planning, guide service;

- Conference planning;

- Entertainment, party planning;

- Photography; videography skills;

- Cooking, healthy and creative;

- Companionship - conversationalist;

- Personal assistant;

- Year-round positions, or ~

- Seasonal stays to your needs;

- Overall estate management'

- Campground/RV management;

- Motel management;

- Storage unit management;

- Hostel, B&B management.

Sophie = American Eskimo

Colleen & Logan -

Adding peace of mind regarding your property




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