Livable Cities Newsletter #1 - November 1-15, 2005

Little Wild Horse Canyon - San Rafael Swell, Utah

(west of Moab!!)

Day 3 of Logan's Big Adventure

Nov. 3, 2005

Logan at his van...ready for cooking soup :)





Double Wow~~~~~~Yeah Baby!

Triple Wow!!  Oh Yeah~!!!~~~!!!~~~!!!

Who da man?!!

Logan Perkins, Editor




Little Wild Horse Canyon - Utah - November 3, 2005

Alrighty...after a 4.5 hour hike up the canyon and back, I pack the campsite and move on thru Crack Canyon Wash on a route I've not taken before.

Music: Bill Monroe, Bruce Cockburn & cool radio station when nearing Moab





Heading towards Interstate 70

Sunset from Moab Airport

Next:  Lazy Lizard Hostel - private room.  Hostel had TV, unlike the Glenwood Springs place, so people were watching and not communicating so much.  I left for Moab Brewery and some OK beer cheese soup and mushy nachos, seasonal nut brown ale, & stout.  Then headed to Poplar Place for a Polygamy Porter, then Star Hall for free local performers before Moab's folk fest.  Ended evening in hostel downloading pics and having one of Nick C's homebrewed wits.


"Choose Carefully Grasshopper"

a:) Next Day...yeah...great choice...Wahoo!!  This is the right choice..hint...hint :)  A nudge is as good as a nod to a blind man..wink, wink!!



b:) N'Awlins Culture

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